15 Grilling Tricks and BBQ Hacks That Will Help Achieve Cookout Glory


Grilling is one of the most fun ways to cook, but it’s also one of the most difficult—many of us spend the majority of the year not grilling, so when we finally step up to the BBQ, our everyday kitchen skills are suddenly ineffective. We need new techniques to bring the thunder—from nifty ways to add smoky flavor to your meats on an everyday grill, to tricks that will take the pain out of post-cookout cleaning. Here are 15 grilling skills to deploy at your next BBQ.

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Use a muffin tray to serve condiments at a BBQ

Know when the coals are ready to start cooking

Clean the grill with an onion

Make vegetable parcels for meatless BBQ fare

Keep one side of the BBQ a lower temperature than the other.

Smoke some lemons

Use two skewers for kebabs instead of one

Add a smoker pouch to an electric grill

Check how much gas you have before you start

Spray apple juice as you BBQ

Spiral-cut a hot dog

Pre-cook meat in the microwave and throw on the grill to finish

Grill fish skin-on

Use a foil tent to prevent food from drying out

Make a grill out of a shopping cart

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